2017 Summer Programme

2017 SUmmer programme 

Cadence Drum & Bugle Corps are proud to present our 2017 Summer Programme:

"The Theory of Everything"

The show gets its inspirational title from the film of the same name about the life of the genius Stephen Hawking and we begin with the title music with its relentless and insistent theme, always moving forward.

The essence of the show is the remarkable way in which our world works and how the laws of physics are always around us, influencing what we do and reflective of some of the greatest minds the world has ever produced.

Our show will be presented in four movements with music from Johann Johannsson, Verdi, Bartok, Bernard Herrmann and Brahms:

The Laws of Thermodynamics

The Laws of Speed and Momentum

The Laws of Gravity

Finally, we pay tribute to some of the greatest minds in history - Newton, Einstein, Galileo.

We are also pleased to welcome a number of new additions to our existing staff team, here is our current Design and Educational staff line up:

Programme Coordinator & Visual Design: John Barclay
Brass Arrangements: Richard Coulter
Frontline Arrangements: Joe Rodwell
Battery Arrangements: Vicki Batley-Spalding

Visual/Guard Staff: John Barclay, Carlos Benn, Roxanne Bicknell, Bobbie Clifford, Fraser Lyall, Lorraine Sherwood & Amanda Tucker.

Brass Caption Head: Emma Batley- Spalding
Brass Staff: Lewis Houghton, Dave Tomlin & Paul Riddell

Percussion Caption Head: Tracey Benn
Percussion Staff: Euan Braidwood, Connor Cast, Tammy Osborne, Jason Raey & Gavin Stace

Music Ensemble: Dave Stones & Clive Williamson

We are looking forward to bringing our 2017 production to the field across the UK and Europe. For further details on membership or instructional vacancies please contact us at cadencedbc@googlemail.com

We would to thank the following companies for continuing to support our programmes into 2017 and beyond:

Southern Percussion Official Tama Marching Percussion Kanstul Musical Instruments, Inc Fred J Miller Adams Percussion

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